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Video Brochures

Available with 3 to 7″ screen sizes! Micro-thin video screen built into a card booklet! Includes flash memory to store videos, speaker for audio with adjustable volume buttons and a rechargeable battery so you can use it again and again! Comes with 4 buttons as standard for selection of up to 4 tracks!

Built in memory – 256MB as standard (30mins of video depending on compression), can be increased up to 32GB
Battery – Rechargeable lithium battery, typically last for 2 hours +
Recharge Time – 3-4hours via USB cable supplied
Volume Control: 2 button available/dial adjustment as additional feature
Screen Size Resolution:
3.0”: 400px x 240px
4.3”: 480px x 272px
5.0”: 480px x 272px
Movie File type: AVI, MPEG4
Connection: USB 2.0
Works on both PC/MAC

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Digital VideoCard Brochure

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