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Compact design. Available with 42, 46, 55, 60, 65, 70, 84 and 90″ screen sizes with 10 and 32 point IR Touch or 10 and 20 PCAP Touch. Options for High Brightness, 1080p or 4K panels, supplied with or without PC.

Designed around the concept of a boardroom/meeting table, the Uno Table allows access from all sides for true multitouch collaboration.

With a heavy duty stylish base able to  hold virtually any size computer with the option of smoked glass doors, the Uno Table gives you the a widest range of options.

We responded to the needs of our customers for a solution which provides the same technology as a Touch Table but in a more compact, lightweight design. We have achieved this with the Uno Table, giving you even greater flexibility.

The Uno Table has a centre column, allowing seemless access to every side of the touch surface, enabling full collaboration from any angle!

Key Features;

Single central column; Allows easy access from all sides.

Large, Central PC Cage; Large, lockable PC equipment cabinet with in-built audio speaker option.

2 Internal Shelves; Giving plenty of storage for your PC components and optional audio system.

Integrated USB connections; Includes 4 USB ports accessible from the top and bottom of the screen.

Large surface; Ideal for marketing collateral and coffee cups!

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