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Use as table, lectern or presentation screen! Portable with electric height & tilt adjust. 42, 46, 55, 60 and 65″ screen sizes with 10, 20 and 32 point IR Touch or 10 and 40 PCAP Touch. Options for High Bright, 1080p or 4K panels, supplied w/without PC.

The Tilt Trolley combines cutting-edge multitouch surface technology with a more traditional drawing board style workspace.

Multitouch allows a highly versatile and truly immersive environment for your design, engineering or architectural plans. Combined with the ability to work on a flat surface or ergonomically natural tilted surface, this display gives you outstanding versatility.

The modern discerning client is no longer satisfied with flat line drawings. Multitouch technology enables not only a natural working tool, but also a stunning 3D rendering enabling the client to truly immerse with the environment or product in a way not previously possible.

This solution allows any input device to be used to control the software environment (as small as 1.5 mm) such as a pen, stylus or even your own finger, allowing you to work in the most natural way.

If you want to take your work to your client, simply transfer your drawings to a tablet or laptop with an effortless flick!

Key Features;

Electric height Adjustable; Height adjustable and tilt adjustable.

Size of the Screen; Available with 46″ to 65″ HD LED Screen in black or white.

Portable and Stable; Portable on 4 industrial strength castors wheels.

PC Option; Built-in PC housing.

Strong Material; Tough, steel construction.

Available in black or grey.

Cable Management and easy Connection Finding; Easy access to all connections (HDMI, VGA , USB, Audio etc…).

Option to rent!



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