Optima 6 Portable Audio Guide System

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The Optima 6 Portable Audio Guide System is an award-winning hands-free, multimedia interactive audioguide, already installed in hundreds of sites worldwide. Unlike traditional audioguides, with the OPTIMA6 the visitors have their hands free to completely enjoy their visit. The OPTIMA6 has an extensive ability to interact with the latest multimedia technologies. This allows for seamless integration between audio, video, lighting, and computer applications in ‘spectacular’ and ‘full sensory’ visit experiences. The OPTIMA6: the multimedia guide ‘par excellence’!

Optima 6 Portable Audio Guide System Key Features;


The OPTIMA is a Hands-free audioguide: messages are automatically triggered based on the exact location of the visitor.

Multiple triggering techniques

Two triggering techniques are integrated in the OPTIMA as standard: The Infra-red (IR) and RSF’s proprietary bi-directional radio frequency technology (where the coverage area is controlled with high precision). Two other triggering techniques are possible, as options: the ‘Easy pointer’ and the GPS.

Direct audio steaming

The OPTIMA integrates a digital 60-channel direct audio streaming system with multiple possible applications, including:

  • Multi-language audio steaming in stereo, for auditoriums,
  • Tour-guide interaction: a guide can directly address a group of visitors equipped with OPTIMA,
  • General information and live alarm messages.


Perfect synchronization with audiovisual applications

The OPTIMA allows lip-accurate synchronisation with any audiovisual application (video, light, shows, etc.). The synchronisation system is very easy to install and allows synching to multiple videos per point.

Optima 6 Portable Audio Guide System Full multimedia interaction

Through its multiple triggering and synching technologies, the OPTIMA allows for advanced interactions with multimedia applications such on PCs or interactive Kiosks.

‘Easy pointer’ (optional extra)

The OPTIMA can be fit with a pen-like « point and click » tool to trigger messages or synch with videos!

GPS reception (optional extra)

The OPTIMA can be provided with the latest GPS receiver technology (SiRF Star III). It’s an ideal solution for outdoor use!

Customisable enclosure — Award winning design

The OPTIMA’s customizable enclosure is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. It won the prestigious French AIPC design award.

The FreeSound® — Revolutionary headsets

RSF has developed the FreeSound®, a dedicated headset for the OPTIMA. This patented headset has a high quality sound, is reliable, light, open-ear, and uniquely hygienic:
Its speakers are directional and do not touch the ears!

Universal accessibility

The OPTIMA is ideal for visually impaired visitors who can be guided by the automatically triggered messages. Induction loops can be used for hearing impaired.

Simple message programming and updating

The programming of visits is done using RSF’s iGuide®, a very powerful and user-friendly PC-based programming tool. Updating of messages is simple and rapid: up to 50 units are
uploaded simultaneously using the battery charging rack.

Unique wireless usage statistics collection

Detailed usage statistics are automatically recorded inside each OPTIMA. A wireless RF system allows quick and frequent statistics collection.

High battery autonomy

Several days (30 hours) of battery autonomy thanks to Li-ion rechargeable batteries and intelligent power management. Ideal for town and region visits.

Efficient alarm system

RSF’s proprietary bi-directional RF technology accurately locates the position of each audioguide, providing a discreet, very efficient, and easy to install theft-protection system.

Extreme reliability

Designed for absolute reliability: dozens of sites are running for over 10 years. It comes with a standard 2-year warranty, extendable to 5 years!

Optima 6 Portable Audio Guide System Specification;

Audio parameters

High quality sound : internal amplification system, Audio Format : MP3, mono       and/or stereo, Bandwidth : 20Hz to 20KHz, Distortion : below 0,01%, Dynamic : 92 dB.


Volume :2
Top left: 2 programmable joint buttons; usually used to start unit and pause messages


Front monochrome display: 3 digits; multifunctional: displays loaded language, battery level, message number, etc.

General parameters

Recording time capacity: Depends on flash memory capacity and encoding rate -Min. 24hours (512mb flash)
Numbers of languages/versions: 32
Number of messages: 900
Number of priority messages: 4 (for alarm or service announcements)
Storage support: Flash memory

Bi-directional RF emitter/receiver

Specifications : Digital; 2.4 GHz; compatible with the universal 802.15.4 IEEE standard
Channels : 60

Direct audio transmission via bi-directional RF, for :

Guided tours : up to 60 groups in parallel
Service messages :  up to 16 languages in parallel
Movie audio streaming :  up to 16 languages in parallel

IR receiver

Infra-Red (IR) : Used for message triggering and synchronization with video.

GPS (optional extra)

“Global Positioning System” (GPS) : Used for outdoor message triggering

‘Point&Click’ (extra)

Pen-like pointer  :  Used to point and click to trigger messages or synch with videos


By emission of “SMPTE time code” (by IR or RF)

Messages programming tools

iGuide® Software :  PC based; user-friendly and powerful programming tool
Memorec® Hardware :  Transfers content from PC onto Master flash Card or directly onto an OPTIMA5
MCD50O/100O charging racks :  Contains the ‘Master flash card’; Transfers content onto up to 100 OPTIMA5 in parallel
Catele2: Content transferring cable from 1 OPTIMA5 (master) unit to 5 OPTIMA5 (slave) units


Type : Li/Ion (“memory effect” free)
Charging time : 1.5 hour for an average charge
Autonomy : several days in general use
MCD50O/100O charging racks for content and batteries for 50/100 OPTIMA5 units
KIT25 : Charging racks for batteries for 50/100 OPTIMA5 units.

Usage statistics

Recording : Zone and language usage statistics are automatically recorded inside the audioguide
iStatis® Software : PC based; user-friendly and powerfull statistics programming tool
StatWireless® Hardware
: Connects to PC via USB; collect usage statistics from audioguides wirelessly using the bi-directionnal RF

Theft Protection

Yes: via bi-directional RF


Headset : Jack 3,5 mm Fem.
Power/Message downloading  : Sub D15


Moulded ABSPC plastic; customisable enclosure

Recommended headset

RSF’s hygienic open headset: the FreeSound®


150 x 95 x 40 mm (L x D x H)


200 g


Temperature : -10°C to 50°C
Relative humidity : 0-96%


2 years, with the option to extend to up to 5 years.
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