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MicroDAP is a micro digital audio player from RSF specially designed for an easy integration in stand-alone installations. Its small size and integrated power supply enables an easy and fast installation. Offers extreme reliability, flexibility, and ease of programming. Designed to replace CD players wherever reliability is a requirement.

The MicroDAP requires a separate USB interface called the MicroMemoREC for loading and updating of content. It is a simple interface – one USB port, and an output port for the MicroDAP. Once content has been loaded via the MicroMemoREC no-one can tamper with or amend it on the MicroDAP. There is no other way of adding content. You only need to purchase the MicroMemoREC once regardless of how many MicroDAP units you have. See our Digital Player Accessories section.

Micro Digital Audio Player Key features;


The Flash Memory is soldered to the circuit board to guarantee extreme reliability in extreme environments (moving installations, regions of high humidity, etc.). 

CD quality sound

The MicroDAP reads MPEG files (MP2 and/or MP3) with the highest reproduction quality.

Built-in amplifier

The MicroDAP includes an amplifier (2x1W stereo or 1x2W mono) to directly connect it to loudspeakers or headsets for low-volume situations.

Audio controls

Several audio parameters are adjustable including volume, bass, tremble, loudness and compression.

Triggering controls 

The MicroDAP has 4 multiplexable input contacts that can be directly connected to buttons to start messages, or be linked to an automation system.

No external PSU

The MicroDAP can be connected directly to 220V AC mains power, saving space in a rack, and increasing the reliability.

Infra Red (IR) control

The MicroDAP includes an IR receiver that enables users to easily control, test, and adjust the audio parameters by using a standard RC5 remote control.  


Audio parameters

Audio Format:  CD 16 bits quality with MP2 / MP3 compression (up to 160 kbps)
Bandwidth:  20Hz to 20KHz
Distortion:  less than 0,01%
Dynamic:  92 dB
Power amplification:  2 x 1 W (4 Ohm) or 1 x 2 W (8 Ohm)

General Parameters

Recording duration:  from 112 min. to 448 min. depending on the compression rate
Number of messages:  899 (maximum)
Memory support:  integrated 512MB flash card (soldered to circuit board)


Audio output: RCA cinch (2X) Line level or Loudspeaker level configurable via software
Control and bus: SUB-D9 Fem.- 4 dry input contacts – 1 output 3V to connect a LED
Power supply: 230V AC CEE7 figure-of-eight


Power:   1 blue LED
Playing:  1 green LED

Configuration: with IGuide software from RSF

Power supply

MicroDAP:  230 V – AC (internal)
MicroDAP-DC:  DC (external – not included)

Maximum consumption: 0,5W to 2,5W

Enclosure: Black metal box

Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 44 mm (L x D x H)

Weight: 210 Gr


Temperature:   0°C (32°F) to 50°C (122°F)
Relative humidity:  0-90%

Warranty: 3 years

See our Digital Player Accessories section also.



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