OEM MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player

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OEM MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player

OEM version of the Sprite DV-S1, from MedeaWiz. Minimum Order Quantity of 500 units.

The Sprite DV-S1, from MedeaWiz, is a low cost High Definition media player that plays HD video up to full 1080p50/p60 with HDMI output.

Continuous looping playback begins when power is applied. The Sprite plays most high definition file types including MPEG-1, 2 and 4, H.264 and WMV9 from a regular high-speed SD memory card or USB drive. It can be used as an audio-only player playing MP3 or WAV files. It has a 2-way serial communications port at 3v3 or 5v TTL level to work with external control devices to play multiple files on command.

OEM MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player

The Sprite gives feedback reports every half second on its serial communications port telling which file is playing, and the end of file mark. It has a single direct push-button switch input that can trigger on contacts or High or Low level change.

When playing video files from a playlist there is no black space or black “glitch” when looping or changing files. The Sprite has a 5V DC output to power a motion sensor or other small load.

8×78 Input Output expander board available soon.¬† Add up to 8 trigger inputs and 8 output lines to the Sprite.

Outputs are HDMI and Composite video, Stereo audio on HDMI or 3.5mm jack connectors.



Card Reader SDHC / MMC up to 32GB. Class 10 speed cards recommended.
Most SDHC cards are formatted to FAT32 and will only allow storage of files up to 4GB size.
Re-format to exFAT to store larger files on an 8, 16 or 32GB SD cards. Maximum SD size supported: 32GB.

USB USB2.0 supports external memory stick up to 2TB.
HDMI Digital HD video and audio out
AV – 3.5mm jack Analog composite video and stereo audio out
I/O – 3.5mm jack Serial control, trigger contacts

Video resolutions and refresh rates supported
Composite video PAL – 720x576x50i
Composite video NTSC – 640x480x60i

Media formats accepted
MP3 max bitrate:320kbps)
WMA (standard/pro, max bitrate:384kbps)
OGG (Q1-Q10 500kbs)
FLAC (lever0-8 max bitrate:1.60mbps)
APE (max bitrate: 950kbps)
AAC (max bitrate 448kbps)
AC3 (AC3 only 640kbps)
DTS (Dts only 3.84Mbps)

WMV (VC-1,WMV7, WMV8 max bitrate: 40Mbs)
VOB (MPEG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps)
PMP (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
RM/RMVB (RV8/9 max bitrate: 30Mbps)
MPG (MPEG1, MPEG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps)
M2TS (MPEG2 H.264 max bitrate: 40Mbps)
FLV (H.263, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mpbs)
AVI (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
TS/TP (MPEG2, H.264, VC-1 max bitrate:40Mbps)
MP4/M4V (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
MOV (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
MKV (MPEG2, RMVB, WMV9, Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)



Dimensions 79mmW x 63mmD x 15.5mmH, 3.1″W x 2.5″D x 0.6″H
Weight 75gms, 2.7oz

Power 5VDC @ 400mA
Separate plug-top power supply with UK and European adaptors.

Remote control 132mm x 51mm. Uses 1 x CR2025 battery.
IR Range: c. 6-8m.

Certifications CE, FCC, UL, RoHS Certificates available on request.

Warranty 1-year RTB.


MedeaWiz Sprite User Manual

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