MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player

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The MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player is a low cost High Definition media player that plays HD video up to full 1080p50/p60 with HDMI output.

MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player

Continuous looping playback begins when power is applied. The Sprite plays most high definition file types including MPEG-1, 2 and 4, H.264 and WMV9 from a regular high-speed SD memory card or USB drive. It can be used as an audio-only player playing MP3 or WAV files. It has a 2-way serial communications port at 3v3 or 5v TTL level to work with external control devices to play multiple files on command.

The Sprite gives feedback reports every half second on its serial communications port telling which file is playing, and the end of file mark. It has a single direct push-button switch input that can trigger on contacts or High or Low level change.

When playing video files from a playlist there is no black space or black “glitch” when looping or changing files. The Sprite has a 5V DC output to power a motion sensor or other small load.

8×78 Input Output expander board available soon.¬† Add up to 8 trigger inputs and 8 output lines to the Sprite.

Outputs are HDMI and Composite video, Stereo audio on HDMI or 3.5mm jack connectors.

Please see our ‘Digital Player Accessories‘ section also for details of peripherals available for the¬†MedeaWiz Sprite DV-S1 HD Digital Media Player.



Card Reader SDHC / MMC up to 32GB. Class 10 speed cards recommended.
Most SDHC cards are formatted to FAT32 and will only allow storage of files up to 4GB size.
Re-format to exFAT to store larger files on an 8, 16 or 32GB SD cards. Maximum SD size supported: 32GB.

USB USB2.0 supports external memory stick up to 2TB.
HDMI Digital HD video and audio out
AV – 3.5mm jack Analog composite video and stereo audio out
I/O – 3.5mm jack Serial control, trigger contacts

Video resolutions and refresh rates supported
Composite video PAL – 720x576x50i
Composite video NTSC – 640x480x60i

Media formats accepted
MP3 max bitrate:320kbps)
WMA (standard/pro, max bitrate:384kbps)
OGG (Q1-Q10 500kbs)
FLAC (lever0-8 max bitrate:1.60mbps)
APE (max bitrate: 950kbps)
AAC (max bitrate 448kbps)
AC3 (AC3 only 640kbps)
DTS (Dts only 3.84Mbps)

WMV (VC-1,WMV7, WMV8 max bitrate: 40Mbs)
VOB (MPEG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps)
PMP (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
RM/RMVB (RV8/9 max bitrate: 30Mbps)
MPG (MPEG1, MPEG2 max bitrate: 45Mbps)
M2TS (MPEG2 H.264 max bitrate: 40Mbps)
FLV (H.263, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mpbs)
AVI (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
TS/TP (MPEG2, H.264, VC-1 max bitrate:40Mbps)
MP4/M4V (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
MOV (Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)
MKV (MPEG2, RMVB, WMV9, Xvid, H.264 max bitrate: 50Mbps)



Dimensions 79mmW x 63mmD x 15.5mmH, 3.1″W x 2.5″D x 0.6″H
Weight 75gms, 2.7oz

Power 5VDC @ 400mA
Separate plug-top power supply with UK and European adaptors.

Remote control 132mm x 51mm. Uses 1 x CR2025 battery.
IR Range: c. 6-8m.

Certifications CE, FCC, UL, RoHS Certificates available on request.

Warranty 1-year RTB.


MedeaWiz Sprite User Manual

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