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The only truly industrial grade High Definition, UL Approved (for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities) DVD player on the market today. Designed to seamlessly Auto On, Auto Play, Auto Repeat and Auto Loop without any manual interaction. Specifically designed for continuous 24/7/365 play. A reliable commercial grade looping dvd player designed for rugged use and displays video content on any screen. Ideal for environments that desire a cost effective digital signage solution to advertise, engage, inform and educate your audience.

Proven and recommended for in room hotel channel advertising in hospitality. In retail for display windows and POS counters. In hospitals and healthcare facilities for waiting rooms, treatment rooms and pediatric wards. For public safety videos and public transportation.

This player will skip menus and previews on standard DVD movies – this is a huge benefit to busy shop/hospital staff as they do not have to sit and fast forward to get to the main movie. This player skips everything and plays instantly and loops when a movie is finished.

The average customer enjoys a life span of about 4 or more years from this player. The player has less than 2% failure rate over the last 8 years. It is built with a full metal enclosure similar to an “old school” pull out car stereo so the amount of heat it can take is substantial and unlike any other player on the market. As for the frequency of disc changes, a front slot load means unless customers are changing out 10 discs per day, it won’t start to give signs of issues until year 4.

Options for push-button interactivity, motion sensor triggering and wallmount.


Dimensions – 7 3/8″ Wide x 9″ Deep x 2″ Tall

UL Approved –

Reads digital data stored on DVD and CD discs such as DVD-Video, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Video CD, SVCD (Super Audio CD), CD-R/RW, CD-Audio, JPEG, MP3, and Kodak Picture CD.

Supports MP3 playback recorded in CD and DVD Recodable/Rewriterable discs. MP3 Playback(ID3 TAG), WMA, SACD Multi-channel decoder(Optional) CD layer of Hybrid SACD, SVCD, MPEG-4/Divx ASP

Reads DVD, CD discs and MPEG-4/DivX ASP Video decoder (Dixv 3.11, 4.x, 5.x, Divx Pro), SACD(CD) Multi- channel decode.

Supports Progressive Scan, DVD-Audio, EMD(External Memory Device), SACD(CD).

Load/Eject 8cm & 12cm discs

Last Position memory

Double Disc Insertion Prevention

Software configurable Region Code

Excellent electronic anti-vibration servo system

Supports ID3 TAG with MP3 Playback

Firmware upgradable using CD-R/RW disc

Music slide show function (MP3 playback and JPEG slide show)

Single external power supply +12VDC ( Built-in switching power circuit to simplify system design )

Supports -90¡ and +90¡ application angle mounting

Data is buffered to allow for shock and vibration to player DVD-Video : 1902Kbytes (about 2.5 sec) VCD, SVCD : 1902Kbytes (about 5 sec) CD-DA, HDCD : 4364Kbytes (about 22 sec) Data (MP3,WMA) : 1706Kbytes (about 12 sec) Data (MPEG) : 1706Kbytes (about 22 sec)

CVBS Video output Y/C(S-Video) output

IR control interface

SPDIF digital audio output ( optional )

Support Video Display Output (NTSC/PAL )

MPEG 4 Video(DivX) support All DivX 3.11 movies on 1 CD, anything under 1Mbps average bitrate. All DivX 4 content. DivX 5 content with no GMC and no Q-pel. DivX video created for Video on Demand DivX video created on a DivX Certified encoding device AC3 and MP3 audio in DivX video both CBR and VBR DivX 3.11 moves on 2 CDs(high bitrates) Xvid content ADPCM audio, PCM audio

Operating temperature range -20°C to 70°C

Operating Humidity 0% to 80%
Mechanical noise (the sound level meter at 200mm above the top of the device). Play 40dB or less Insert / Eject 65dB or less Search (Track/Chapter) 50dB or less


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