Digital View M3-300 OEM Digital Media Player


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OEM version of the Viewstream 300. Does not ship with 12V DC 2 Amp power supply, CF card or AV out leads – see our ‘Digital Player Accessories’ section.

Internal upscaling technology enables upscaling of SD video to near 720p and supports 1280 x 960 JPEG stills. This player can switch between playback of PAL and NTSC video and is great for use with external buttons and screens up to 32 or even 40″ in size!

Please visit our ‘Players for Multi-Unit Synchronisation’ sub-category for more details of how this player and others can be used in projects requiring multi-unit synching.

Accessories are available at extra cost to assist with button press interactivity, trigger of playback by motion sensor and more. Please click here for more details;

Digital View M3-300 OEM Digital Media Player

This player is also available pre-integrated into a range of digital signage screens.

Customers are advised to download one of the free utilities ‘DV Studio LITE’ or ‘DV Studio PLAY’ which are available for PC or Mac which are available from DV Signage to help with the encoding and preparation of their source media for optimum compatibility with these products.

Recommended encoding/settings are below but DV Media Converter (included with DV Studio as standard) will do all required video conversion/re-encoding for you;


It is recommended to use Mpeg 2 video of these settings:

resolution = 720 x 576

format = mpeg video

video bit rate = 5Mb/s CBR

frame rate = 25 fps

scan type = progressive

audio = MP2 audio

audio bit rate = 224Kb/s 48K @ 16 bit sample rate

file name extension = .MPG

J-PEG Stills

Resolution = 1280 x 960 for 4:3 screens

Resolution = 1280 x 720 for 16:9 screens

File size should be less than 400kb

Audio MP3 Files Only

Audio bit rate = 224Kb/s 48K at 16 bit sample rate

File name extension =.MP3


M3 300

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