BrightSign Panelmount Motion Sensor Kit

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BrightSign Panelmount Motion Sensor Kit

This PIR motion sensor kit is for any BrightSign Series 3 or 4 media player with a GPIO port and consists of:

  • A motion detector assembly wired with 2m. of data cable to:
  • Connector to the BrightSign player’s GPIO port. Power connector for:
  •  5VDC power supply for PIR detector.
  •  8GB SDHC flash memory card containing program script and test media files.

BrightSign Panelmount Motion Sensor Kit

The PIR motion sensor is designed to be panel mounted in a kiosk or display edge so the sensor’s lens points forward through a 24mm diameter hole.

The script on the 8GB SDHC card will program the BrightSign player to continuously loop-play an attract file (or display an image or black  video if required) until the PIR detector is triggered by human motion at up to 5m distance (the range can be reduced by masking the inside of the sensor’s lens). The player then plays a playlist of 1 or more media files without interruption. On completion of the playlist, the player reverts to playing the attract file.

Just substitute the test media for your working media and edit the program script to suit your display’s resolution and input type with a text editor such as Notepad on a PC or Textpad on a Mac.

This hardware will also work with an interactive presentation created with BrightSign’s BrightAuthor software.


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