BrightSign DIY Motion Sensor Kit

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BrightSign DIY Motion Sensor Kit

This PIR motion sensor kit is for any BrightSign Series 3 or 4 media player with a 15 Way D’Type GPIO port and consists of:

  • A motion detector assembly unit.
  • 3.5mm TRS to 3 x Screw connector for custom wiring to the BrightSign player’s GPIO port.
  •  15 Way D’Type connector with internal screw terminals.
  •  No script is supplied with this sensor kit.

BrightSign DIY Motion Sensor Kit

The PIR motion sensor assembly unit has a red LED which triggers when movement is detected. But this can be covered with a supplied black self adhesive dot if LED display is not required. Two velcro dots are also supplied for fixing to the required location.

This hardware will work with an interactive presentation created with BrightSign’s BrightAuthor software.


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