BrightSign Motion Sensor Kit

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BrightSign Motion Sensor Kit

Suitable for triggering of single or multiple tracks but please specify your requirements on order as a custom script may be needed.

Kit includes; PIR motion detector wired with 5m of data cable to: Junction box wired with 1m. of cable and connector to BrightSign player’s GPIO port. Power connector for: 12V 6W power supply for PIR detector and 8GB SDHC flash memory card containing program script and test media files.

BrightSign Motion Sensor Kit

Script on supplied card will program player to continuously loop-play an attract file (or blank/black file if desired) until the motion detector is triggered. The player then plays a playlist of 1 or more media files without interruption. On completion of the playlist, the player reverts to playing the attract file. Just substitute the test media files for your working media files.


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