86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software

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86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software


The 86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software comes complete with 10-Point Infrared Touch Technology, Built-in Android PC and Free MeetingPad Software. Read on for the full list of features:

Stunning Enclosure

The flawless enclosure is crafted from black aluminium and assembled in segments so the enclosure can remain sexy and sleek with its rounded corners. It also has a polymer rear cover to keep it super slim and lightweight.

Built-in Android PC

Featuring a powerful integrated PC running Android 5.0 with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

10-Point Infrared Touch Technology

Using the most durable and robust commercial touch technology available. Use anything such as your finger, or one of the styluses included, as your pointer.

Optional OPS PC

For a seamless solution, an OPS PC can be integrated into the rear of the display. This allows you the flexibility to choose between Android and Windows and switch effortlessly between the two. Available with a cost-effective OPS PC or a more powerful OPS PC.

LED Backlight

The long-lasting eco-friendly LED backlight focusses on optimum brightness and contrast; causing no eye strain as you would get from projectors. The panel and backlight have a lifespan in excess of 80,000 hours.

Freeze Frame Function

While your laptop is connected you can freeze the image on the screen so that you can continue to work independently on your laptop.

Stylus Set Included

Two special ‘Smart Pens’ are included as well as an extendable pointer and two extra magnetic styluses for free.

Free MeetingPad Software

State of the art ‘MeetingPad’ Software brings the Interactive Touch Display to life. No additional hardware is required as you wireless mirror and file share between your devices and the screen. The wireless features are all compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices and even allow you to annotate the screen from your device.

Easy Access Ports and Controls

Quickly and conveniently connect your own laptop to the screen using the front-facing HDMI and Touch USB ports. There are also USB ports connected to the internal PC for easy access.

Etched Glass

Improves tactility for smooth touch gestures. The anti-glare nano-coating also diffuses external light so that images and videos are much clearer.


The rear of the screen features AV inputs that allow for more permanent connections such as AV in and out, Audio in and out, RS-232, VGA, DP, SPDIF, HDMI, YPbPr, USB.

Full Android Control

Experience the Android revolution with the powerful integrated Android PC that runs everything. Preview and switch between external sources and even annotate over images, presentations, documents and webpages – either running from the ‘MeetingPad’ or from external devices. Our innovative ‘MeetingPad’ solution controls all functions allowing you to achieve state of the art interactive whiteboard functionality. Show videos, play music, and even run your apps; ‘MeetingPad’ brings the power to change your meetings forever to your fingertips.

Wireless Mirroring

Mirror what is on your Windows, Android or Apple device without the need for messy cables with the wireless mirroring feature this display offers. Great for presenting and sharing content during meetings it is done using your devices native streaming platform – Screen Mirroring for Android, Miracast for Windows and AirPlay for Apple. Mirroring the display from your mobile, tablet or laptop has never been easier.

Freeze-Frame Function

If you are running the Interactive Touch Display from your laptop you can “freeze” the content mirrored from your device, This allows you to use unplug your laptop and use it independently from the screen with the content still being on display.

4K Display

The 4K Ultra HD display delivers incredible image quality with four times resolution higher than Full HD. Optimised for viewing distances both near and far the display allows your content to take centre stage for all your visual communication. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160, you can revel in the displays ultra-high clarity as your 4K content is seen in the way it was meant to be.

Replace Projectors

Now is the time to replace old fashioned projector systems with an Interactive Touch Display that has a series of advantages over the antiquated presentation technology. Built to last over 16 times longer than a projector bulb and with drastically improved contrast and sharpness the quality of the images does not compare. There are also no annoying shadows cast on the display that you have with projectors.

Easy Access Ports and Controls

If you don’t want to use the internal PC you can conveniently connect a laptop, or another external device, to the display’s front ports. For more permanent connections there are a variety of AV inputs on the rear of the unit. The display also has clearly labelled buttons on the front face.

10 Point Touch

Having up to 10 touch points allows for a wider variety of applications than ever before. This kind of functionality allows you to manipulate images, zoom in and out as well as perform many other touch gestures; much like you would with a smartphone or tablet. It also allows for multiple users interacting with the screen at one time, ideal for group interaction and learning.

Built in‘MeetingPad’ Software

Bundled with the screen is an easy to use meeting software program. Designed specifically for use with our Interactive Touch Displays this program combines the annotation style of traditional whiteboards with the convenience modern technology allows. You can read, write, edit, compare and most importantly annotate a variety of images, videos, PDF’s, Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) simultaneously.

Etched AntiGlare Glass

The etched glass diffuses the light, increasing the clarity of the screen and makes text and images much more legible even in areas with strong light. The display’s anti-glare nano coating improves scratch and impact resistance of the screen as well as improving tactility; essential for group interactivity.

86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software Specifications

The 86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software specifications are available to download in pdf format from the downloads tab, to view our full range of large format touchscreen displays please click here.


86 Inch Interactive Touch Display with MeetingPad Software

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